The Author

The true story of how one woman turned her anger into purpose and peace after severing her dominant hand.

An angry woman. A devastating accident.

An outcome she could have never predicted. 


Life sucks, then you die. Although Sandra initially balks at the magnet on her father’s fridge door, its message seems to be coming true in her own life. First the physical, sexual, and spiritual abuse of her childhood, hiddne behind the carefully crafted facade of a model Mormon home. Then the barrage of heart-wrenching issues within her own family as an adult. With all this overshadowing her world, Sandra thinks things can’t get worse.

That is, until a tragic accident severs her right hand and smashes her problem-riddled life to pieces. As she surveys the shards of what used to be her life, however, Sandra finds an unexpected opportunity to not only recover, but to sever herself from the lies that used to rule her.

SEVERED: A Memoir of Hope and Healing is a powerful true story of finding purpose and peace, even in life’s darkest moments.