What’s the Mission all about?

We believe that happiness is a state of mind–a way of being.

We also believe that tucked deep inside every human being is the ability to create happiness for yourself.

Some people seem to access their happiness with relative ease while others struggle to find it and release its power in their lives.

And then there are those who seem to be inundated with constant problems that threaten to steal their happiness away.

But the truth is, you control your happiness.

And that’s true for every person who’s ever lived.

Other people can bring their happy energy with them, which may make it easier for you to choose happiness. But you are 100% in control of whether or not you feel happy.

It’s true.

The Mission to be Happy Movement was created to help women everywhere understand the power we have inside of us to create happiness, peace, contentment– even joy!

We’re all about helping you–and hundreds of women like you–find YOUR happy–using the SIX HAPPINESS STRATEGIES, so you can stop feeling like something is wrong in your life and start living up to your potential.

Join our incredible community of women on Facebook or Instagram and get ready to uplevel your life.

Because who doesn’t need a little more happiness, contentment, and joy?



Six Happiness Strategies

Conscious Awareness

Power Through Surrender

Loving Every
Part of Me


Learning the Language of Joy

Purposeful Contribution