Life Coaching for Christian women who are ready to ditch the frustration, perfectionism and guilt and replace it with peace, contentment, and joy.

Library of Random Thoughts

The Planner of Happiness

It’s finally here! A mindful tool that helps you track your activities while remaining true to your personal goals and daily self-care.

Inside, you’ll discover tools like:

  • A monthly assessment
  • Meal planning calendars
  • Weekly grocery list
  • Big Audacious Goal planning
  • Daily Self-Care Tracking
  • My One Word
  • Scripture and Quotes
  • Message to Me
  • Powerful Questions,
  • Daily Magic worksheet
  • and more!

Grab your planner then join me each week on
the Mission to be Happy Podcast to learn more
about how to use the powerful self-coaching
tools available inside.

Meet Coach Sandy

Hi! I’m Sandra Jarvis, and I’m on a mission to help you ditch the frustration, perfectionism, and guilt that often comes with womanhood and replace it with peace, contentment, and joy. 

Whether you’re navigating a faith transition, struggling to love your body, raising children or trying to understand your husband, I encourage you to utilize Six Empowerment Strategies to create a healthy foundation on the inside.

As you begin to make changes in you, everything else will fall into place. You’ll become more aware of those around you as your love and respect for yourself grows. Your relationship with God will improve as your faith increases and you learn to surrender to Him. You’ll also come to understand the power of authentic and mindful living, giving you the power to create your best life no matter what’s happening outside of you. 

Interested in learning more? Check out THE HAPPINESS TRIBE to see what’s in store when you join our Mission to be Happy.


The Happiness Tribe

Interested in joining a community of like-minded women working toward creating
peace, contentment, and joy in their lives?

Join The Happiness Tribe…

Members meet online each week for inspirational, topic-focused coaching and instruction.
These gatherings provide a safe space to learn and grow authentically while giving you
the support you need to deal with life’s challenges.

Membership includes monthly classes based on the Six Empowerment Strategies
and virtual workshops to help you implement the things you’re learning in class–
–plus the opportunity to participate in weekly live coaching calls.

Tribe memberships are limited.

Apply today!